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Earl Gray Tea and lemon shortbread cookies a unique taste combination

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Sep 14, 2012 in Food
This past summer, I recently stumbled across an interesting cookie among the Safeway Select brand name. "Earl Gray Lemon Shortbread" cookies. When I saw this unexpected flavor, I debated whether or not I should risk the money. But then again, how often does one literally stumble upon a new food recipe that is so different?
So, I just had to try it. And, I like it. Granted, I would not buy these unusually tasting cookies on a regular basis. But for a tea service or as something to serve to guests that is out of the ordinary I would consider buying these again.
The aroma of oil of bergamot was delightful. Any fan of Earl Gray tea knows what I am saying with regards to its distinctive feature. There are lots of various brands of this type of tea, some are better than others. But all Earl [url=h t=_blank]Gray teas have the oil, which is derived from a particular type of citrus.
Yet for very sensitive palates I must say that one might not like the mixture of the two in a very dense cookie. Shortbread with its rich buttery flavor is very heavy and is ideal for dunking into tea or coffee. This softens the hard and often lightly sweetened cookie. Some varieties of shortbread will have them dipped in chocolate or with a hint of lemon or orange.
So, it is easy to see how this combination was inspired by the Safeway Select brand bakers. But for some this might be a bit too intense. For me who enjoys new tastes, this was indeed an experience. Definitely worth a try, especially for all you fans of shortbread and Earl Gray Tea.

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