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Tweaks to Let YouTube Play Videos Really Fast

By Nauman Lodhi
Posted Sep 12, 2012 in Internet
Our regular activities—most of them, are shifted from offline mode to online mode. It is almost impossible to live without entertainment. We visit YouTube for that purpose but when the web site starts to play videos with excessive buffering, the chance of getting entertained diminishes.
Here are given a few tips to allow videos to buffer fast and freeze less:
Disable Hardware Acceleration
We need to customize hardware settings for best performance in order to watch online videos effectively. Hardware acceleration is turned ON by default. To turn your slow streaming into a fast process, you need to turn off hardware acceleration. You can turn off hardware acceleration by applying instructions given below.
1. Click on Start
2. Select Control Panel | System | Settings
3. Now click on Advanced | Troubleshoot
4. Disable Hardware acceleration.
Increase speed of Internet
This tweak would increase speed of Internet connection and improve performance of streaming on your system. In Windows Based operating systems, 20% of bandwidth is utilized by updates and other resources. Follow the steps given below to improve speed of Internet.
1. Click on Start | Run
2. Type “gpedit.msc” | Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Administrative templates | Network | QOS Packet Scheduler | Limit Reserve-able Bandwidth
3. Double click “limit reserve-able bandwidth” | Enable and Edit Bandwidth to 0.
Reinstall Web Browser
Another way to speed up slow YouTube videos is to reinstall your web browser. To reinstall web browser, follow the steps given below.
1. Click on Start | Control Panel
2. Select Uninstall a Program| Select your web browser
3. Uninstall.
Then install browser again, performance of your videos would certainly improve.
Try Video Accelerators
Some companies have created tools to speed up steaming in your system. You can search over Internet for some reliable product to improve quality of steaming videos. If you are trying video accelerator—it may already has best settings for YouTube.
Try Proxy Servers
Another tweak to make YouTube fast is to use video specific proxy server that is dedicated for streaming purpose. These proxy servers are already configured to play videos effectively.
Try YouTube Exclusive Feather Beta
YouTube feather beta is another project from YouTube. By joining YouTube Feather Beta, you can watch videos smoothly. In fact Feather Beta does not show “comments”, “likes/dislikes” and only 5 optional videos would appear. In this way, the bandwidth which was used in loading such things is now utilized into running a video.
Use YouTube DNS Servers
This tweak to amplify Youtube speed would certainly improve performance of streaming on your system. Follow the steps given below to change DNS servers.
1. Open Control Panel | Select Network and Internet
2. Click on Network and Sharing Center | Click on Change Adapter Settings
3. Right Click on Local Area Connection | Properties
4. Double Click on TCP/IPv4 (don’t change IP)
5. Click on Use follow DNS server addresses
Preferred DNS Server: 208. 67.222.222
Alternate DNS Server: 208. 67.220.220
Preferred DNS Server: 8. 8. 8. 8. 8
Alternate DNS Server: 8. 8. 5. 5
Change Playback Settings
Changing YouTube video quality should improve performance of YouTube videos on your system. YouTube videos are set to highest playback quality by default. To customize playback settings, follow the instructions given below.
1. Stop watching video | Go to Settings Page
2. Click on Playback Settings
3. Choose “ I have slow connection”
4. Click on Save Settings
Manage Background running Services
Oftentimes background running services are source of slow streaming. Disable unwanted services using Microsoft Configuration Utility. To disable unwanted background running services, follow the instructions given below.
1. Click on Start | Search MSCONFIG
2. Double click on MSCONFIG | Click on Services
3. Uncheck unwanted background running services
Disable Automatic Configuration
Automatic configuration in your web browser can slow down performance of YouTube videos. To buffer Youtube videos fast, simply disable automatic configuration by following the instructions given below.
1. Click on Start | Select Control Panel
2. Click on Internet Options | Select Connections
3. Click on LAN Settings
4. Uncheck all boxes under Automatic Configuration
Author Bio: Nauman Lodhi is an It and Digital Media Professional. He writes extensively on these issues. Here is one of his web site that aims to optimize YouTube and reduce Youtube Buffering.

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