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Video: What if the iPhone 5 could be stretched to become a tablet?

By David Silverberg
Posted Sep 5, 2012 in Technology
The creative folks at Aatma Studio made a stunning video showing a concept phone resembling the upcoming iPhone. As Mashable writes, "Aatma Studio is known for creating innovative concepts for Apple products."
We first see a new iPhone beside the iPhone 4S. Then the video showcases fingerprinting software, allowing the user to sign into the phone with a scan of his thumb. A Siri Messenger Center then allows the voice-enabled assistant to read messages on what the user should know about, a very convenient update on the already-powerful Siri.
But what's really impressive is the ability to stretch this iPhone 5 into a mini tablet. Pinching to zoom on a pic can shrink the tablet, and then expanding the fingers can expand the smartphone into a tablet.
“Stretchable or Rubberband electronics is a relatively new concept, and still in its infancy,” Pramod Modi Shantharam, CEO and animation director at Aatma Studio, told Mashable. “We’ve read that researchers have developed materials that can stretch up to 200% of their original size, with a combination of a porous polymer and liquid metal. We wanted to incorporate this into our concept.”
What do you think, would you love a stretchable phone?