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Are White South Africans Their Own Worst Enemy?

By Tamara Aspeling
Posted Sep 4, 2012 in Politics
The other day, I posted a piece that examined the darker truths about race based violence in South Africa. Truths that have nothing to do with Lonmin, striking or anything else, but that are none the less something the world should be outraged about.
That got me thinking.
Why is it that white South Africans have been so ignored as a threatened minority?
Surely threatened minorities are a hot topic? Surely international rights organisations should be condemning the systematic dehumanisation of white South Africans?
They're not though - so why is that?
I think I answered part of that myself the other day. The legacy of apartheid is that if you are white, and South African, regardless of your age or belief system, the rest of the world subconsciously assumes that you are guilty of some shady apartheid crime, and that you deserve what you get.
As I mentioned the other day though - chronology and simple facts mean that that's not true.
The other issue is that many South Africans have their heads buried as far in the sand as the rest of the world.
These usually wealthy, usually educated, often white South Africans live isolated lives behind high walls in affluent suburbs. They spend their down time having genteel conversations with their peers of all races, and they manage to ignore news headlines just enough to keep their rainbow tinted spectacles wedged on their learned noses.
They're still lying to themselves though, and for all their left wing academic theory, when the genocide does start, they'll still be at risk.
Finally, there's the one group that has been vocal about the potential genocide in South Africa - the right wing white Afrikaner.
The trouble is, somehow, these groups always seem to be a mishmash of truth and racism, all rolled up with a little self importance and a hefty measure of arrogance.
All of that means that while they ARE telling the truth, it's a lot harder to spot it while you're getting annoyed with them.
In the interests of making things simple, in spite of all my counterproductive countrymen, I want to therefore make this clear:
The ANC is a racist, nationalist organisation that condones hatred and violence against white South Africans and other minority groups - including gay and lesbian South Africans of all races, coloureds, Indians and other groups.
South Africa is currently at risk of genocide - and the perpetrators will be black racists when it happens.
In spite of my countrymen's less than convincing arguments, YOU can help by spreading the word, and by helping to bring international pressure against the ANC government.
The world failed Zimbabweans, and Robert Mugabe has turned once profitable and successful Zimbabwe into a hate filled, dangerous basket case. Don't fail South Africa too, and send it the same way. Make your voice heard - before it's too late.
Demand an end to NEWpartheid in South Africa today!