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A Kenyan facebook page that got 24,00 likes in less than a day

By Munene Muriiyhi
Posted Aug 30, 2012 in Internet
Kenya- Recently they have been a lot happening in Kenyan Universities ,among them is high rate of female students working as prostitutes.They have gone a step further to have a face book fun page to market their activities and services.
Many Kenyans are expressing their regards in the media and some even reporting the page to the Facebook Inc.
All their efforts are in vain.Here is a quote from this Face-book page
"wow! divas and rich men who are invading our in-box that's very cool, we will reply your texts in time, with regards to the sex party where men will go home without their balls and divas will have their asses evaporated, the place is Nairobi west. As for the sufferers continue yapping , and those ape faced chicks this is not a place for you go jump on trees!! "

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