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How to make 35c tax-free

By Alexander Baron
Posted Aug 26, 2012 in Entertainment
This was a freeroll that began at 23.00 London time on August 25, 2012 and ended - for me - just after 2.30am the following day. There was a $250 prize pool, 8,641 runners and 1,100 places paid, so it wasn't too difficult to make the money. It became even easier when a muppet with a massive stack insisted on giving me all his chips by raising all-in every hand. After that I was on a table with 8 sleepers, so was able to pick up thousands of chips before we got too deep into the tournament. I was almost a racing certainty to cash.
Below is my final hand. The big stack raised to 160,000 with pocket 10s, which meant all-in or fold for me. I figured he probably had ace something; with AK or AQ I'm slight favourite though in practice, it's a coin flip. Ace rag, and I'm big favourite. When I shoved and he called I almost heaved a sign of relief on seeing his pocket 10s. I say almost, the flop killed that.
As you can see, I finished 57th, not a bad showing; if I'd won that hand though, I would have been in line for a shot at the final table, or even first prize.
Was it worth it? Well, I'm seldom in bed before 1am, and I was multitasking, but like the man said, don't give up the day job.

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