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Why the Nationals Are Hopeless

By Zach Gilliland
Posted Aug 25, 2012 in Sports
Alright, so Stephen Strasburg is healthy. He is an All-Star pitcher ready to lead his team to the World Series. Only one problem: the Washington Nationals want to limit his innings this year due to precautionary measures from a previous surgery. This decision by the Nationals is foolish and unheard of.
There is no guarantee that if limited Strasburg will continue on with successful arm health. There is also no way of knowing if throwing too many innings could ruin his arm. One thing is for sure. The Nationals have not had an opportunity to go deep into the playoffs in....forever. They would be absolutely insane to cut off Strasburg from pitching the rest of the year. He has been their most consistent starter this year and has one of the strongest arms in the majors. Without him, the Nationals still have a very talented team, including All-Star pitcher Gio Gonzalez, but losing Strasburg is a momentum killer. It drains the positive energy from the clubhouse and drains the aspirations of this young team.
All of the reports that pitching more than 160-180 innings will deteriorate the young arm of Strasburg is completely bogus. Many pitchers have Tommy John surgery and go on to pitch after the surgeries. The Nationals are just so careful with this guy becausse he is their whole future. Not many players have brought as much hype to the majors as Strasburg brought with him. With a fastball estimated to top off at 103 mph, the right-hander becomes an important piece to the puzzle of long-term success for Washington.
The Nationals should quit playing doctor with this guy and let him pitch. He is one of the best in the majors and the catalyst for this rotation. Without the captain, the Nationals may just sink right in the first round of the playoffs.

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