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What Special Reports would you like to see in Assignment Desk?

By David Silverberg
Posted Aug 23, 2012 in Internet
As many of you know, we update our Assignment Desk several times during the day, finding newsworthy stories we believe Digital Journalists should cover. (FYI, if you complete an Assignment by deadline, you get a payment bonus).
We include Special Report ideas in the Desk (Specials are stories where you interview people or witness something first-hand). But we often wonder if some Specials are too difficult to get done by deadline, so we want to get some feedback:
What Special Report ideas work for you? What do you find practical? What do you find challenging but interesting?
What Special Report assignments are often too difficult to complete?
Are the deadlines long enough?
Suggestions are always welcome, feel free to post below in the comment section or private message me.