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First time eating a pig straight off the fire

By David Silverberg
Posted Aug 21, 2012 in Food
Depending on where you stand on the carnivore ladder, the image accompanying this blog either entices you or disgusts you. For me, I was pretty excited to taste my first pig roasted on an open pit, at a farm wedding in Martensville, near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. (Don't tell my rabbi)
Made by the groom and his fellow chef buddies, the two pigs were basted with BBQ sauce and slow-roasted over this open pit for around 7 hours. The animals were attached to the roasting plate with metal wire, so they can easily be flipped.
So how was the pork? Tender, succulent, fell off the bone easily, and not too fatty. Well, some pieces were fatty but in the wedding buffet tray I tried to avoid those.
And the scalloped potatoes and roasted veggies that came with the pork...a perfect siding.
Has anyone ever had roasted pork before, straight from the pit? What did you think?

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