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Burlap Weddings Very Popular in Canada

By Earl Murphy
Posted Aug 21, 2012 in Lifestyle
When the economy changes, it is very obviously and frequently observed that most things are not recession-proof and that lifestyle choices quite frequently change from the way they used to be in "the good old days". People tend to eat out at restaurants less, take the bus instead of drive, and live in smaller homes.
Weddings, it would seem, would be one of the those things that people (especially women) would not want to cut corners on. It is the dream day of their lives, yet it is also one of the more expensive ones.
However, it appears as if there is becoming a new way to make a wedding that is both affordable and trendy without cutting corners - these weddings are done in a "rustic style".
According to Elie of HomeTex Canada, making rustic weddings as opposed to traditional style ones have become a massive trend in the great white north. "Our burlap has exploded in popularity over the past few years," he told me.
Interestingly enough, burlap, which is quite often used to carry potatoes in sacks made out of the fabric, can be fashioned into items such as table runners and assorted other items, which according to Elie are the most popular.
One thing many people who have made weddings can be sure, having this trend become very popular may not be a bad thing for those who remember having to stress out over the constant financial worries that a wedding brings.

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