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New book on cleaning and disinfection (Sandle)

By Tim Sandle
Posted Aug 18, 2012 in Science
I have a new book published this week. The content is very specialized and it is aimed at the hospital field, although some of the content is of interest to the general reader. I thought I would share this with the Digital Journal community.
Here is the press release:
‘The CDC Handbook’, a new ‘Guide to Cleaning & Disinfecting Cleanrooms’ has just been published and is available as a paperback and an e-Book. Edited by Dr Tim Sandle, a pharmaceutical microbiologist, the CDC Handbook has contributions from expert practitioners actively involved in contamination control within clean areas and controlled environments. It has been written for those working in both the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, as well as providing valuable information for students and the general reader.
The illustrated Handbook balances theoretical concepts with sound practical advice. It provides comprehensive detail about different types of disinfectants and their modes of action; explains the problems of microbial destruction and resistance; introduces cleaning techniques and the latest safety regulations and expounds upon the application of cleaning within healthcare and pharmaceutical environments, noting current national and international standards. To help less experienced readers, the book contains a glossary of terminology.
The book’s editor and contributor, Dr Sandle says: ‘The use of detergents and disinfectants is a critical part of the contamination control approach. There are a myriad of different agents, but not all are suitable for cleanrooms, hands or hospital wards. Also, there is a sometimes bewildering choice of different chemicals with different modes of action, many of which are incompatible with one another. There is often ambiguity about how such agents should be used including questions of 'how often should I use this?', 'how do I dilute it?', 'how long do I leave it on for?' coupled with confusion over cleaning methods and techniques. In relation to these issues it became clear that there was no handbook which addressed these issues for those concerned with keeping hospitals and cleanrooms clean. In light of this, the idea for this book - "The Cleaning and Disinfection Handbook" - was born.’
‘In putting this book together, some of the leading experts in the field of contamination control, working either in healthcare or the pharmaceutical industry, were approached. In agreeing to contribute to this book each person has written a high quality chapter and has helped to put together what is a unique book on cleaning and disinfection. The book is subtitled "a handbook" and this is the operative word that, as editor I would most like to see applied. This is not a book intended to sit on a shelf and gather dust, it is a book intended to be read and discussed by those with the very important task of keeping cleanrooms, hospitals and the hands of staff, clean. If "The CDC Handbook" becomes an established part of the educational resources available to the workforce who aim to keep critical areas clean, then the aims and intentions which shaped this book will have been a success.’
The CDC Handbook is available from all major book retailers and at: Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK).
The publication of the CDC Handbook was developed with an unrestricted educational grant from schülke. All proceeds from the book will go towards training, research and education in relation to healthcare associated infections.