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Digital Marketing and why it is Becoming Increasingly Popular

By James Mechan
Posted Aug 17, 2012 in Business
As the global use of the internet growing year on year, the advantages of digital marketing as a powerful advertising tool is becoming increasingly popular also. The billions of pounds spent on conventional advertising like TV, radio and billboard ads is being invested in digital marketing alternatives simply because its far reaching effects not only provides access to a larger audience, but also you can manage and monitor the results with more accuracy and in real time.
The internet is maturing as a powerful marketing tool and digital technologies are improving all the time. Yet even in its relatively early stages marketers are taking advantage of the benefits it provides and as a consequence see their revenues soar. Despite the high unemployment figures around the world the greatest job growth has been in digital marketing which is a measure of its benefits and the recognition of companies who are prepared to invest heavily in it.
What is digital marketing?
There are many strands to digital marketing, and inevitably the World Wide Web is at its core. Not only does it present you with more opportunities to promote your products and services online, its far reaching benefits outweigh conventional advertising.
The best known forms of digital marketing, and the most used, are pay per click, blogging, social media and search engine optimisation. But then you have banner advertising, RSS feeds, email, podcasting, video streams, fax broadcasts wireless text messaging and instant messaging to mobile phones.
An additional advantage digital media gives you over other forms of advertising is instant feedback, detailed reports, where to find your target audience and what they want. In effect, digital marketing completely eliminates the guess work and takes you straight to the heart of your customer´s desire. The advanced technologies enable you to layer reports with your marketing campaign allowing you to monitor performance, identify what prospects are most drawn to, how long they are spending on a page, response rates and how many purchases they make.
From the information you gather you can then tailor your marketing campaign to meet your client´s tastes and interests. A good example of this is Amazon. When you purchase anything from the online catalogue they offer you similar items of interest etc. You can even build databases of your customers which records their preference such as how they prefer to be reached and what information they want from you.
Identifying your audience
Digital marketing technologies are all well and good if you have the customer base to work with in the first place, but if you are new to the game you need to know how to locate and secure your audience. Social media and chat forums are a good place to start together with optimising your website for local searches by including your location and region in your keywords such as SEO agency in the north east rather than just “SEO agency.” Lucrative times are ahead for online businesses and the popularity of digital marketing is the key to success.
Written by James Mechan, Search Marketing Executive at Silverbean.

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