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Handwriting analysis and cross referencing

By Marcel Elfers
Posted Aug 15, 2012 in Crime
Handwriting Analysis works. And neuro scientist Vilayanur Ramachandra explains to us why it works, rather accidentally. Watch video here and start at 21:25.
The five senses and cross referencing
Our brain constantly cross reference what we see, hear, taste, touch or smell. In many zoos there are blind boxes to put your hand in to feel something that you can not see. This trick removed cross referencing and decreased your ability to identify what it is you feel.
We cross reference all the time by matching our senses. An interesting exercise neuro-scientist Vilayanur Ramachandra showed is the “Martian Alphabet”. He provided his audience with two letter shapes and two names : Booba and Kiki.
The question he asked his audience was “which one is Kiki?” The overwhelming majority, an estimated 98%, raised their hands on B. Ramachandra referred to this as “cross model synthetic abstraction”. Our brain cross referenced the sharp and short sounds of “Kiki” and matched this to the sharp and short edges of letter B.
Which figure shape is more aggressive? Rounded or sharp? This question is overwhelmingly answered with “the sharp one”. And this is exactly what Ramachandra means with cross referencing.
The next logical step for cross referencing is the way we write. Who do you think is more aggressive, A or B? The rounded A author versus the sharp angled B author?