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Cleanrooms and hospitals

By Tim Sandle
Posted Aug 12, 2012 in Health
Want to know more about cleanrooms in hospitals (used for surgery and for making medicines)?
“Cleanrooms and clean zones are found in two important areas within the hospital setting: in operating theatres and within hospital pharmacy units. These clean areas are designed to minimise and control the level of airborne particulates… There is also a tendency towards the greater use of cleanrooms and clean air devices, which coupled with a tightening of contamination control standards, brings the hospital sector in closer alignment to the pharmaceutical industry.”
This is the basis for a new article for a new journal (European Medical Hygiene) by Dr Tim Sandle, which explores the advantages of clean spaces, together with their important design and operational measures, in relation to operating theatres and hospital pharmacy units. The article makes reference to current international standards and notes areas of best practise.
Subscriptions are free for qualifying people or organisations.
The reference is:
Sandle, T. (2012). An Air of Safety: The application of cleanrooms and clean air devices within the hospital setting, European Medical Hygiene, Issue 1, pp11-17
For more details see European Medical Hygiene

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