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The Newsroom Episode 2 How to produce good news

By Anthony Sicilia
Posted Aug 7, 2012 in Entertainment
In the journalism world a journalists back is always up against the wall. Why is that you may ask? The answer is simple FACTS, FACTS and FACTS. It is a journalists job to inform the public about what is happening in the world around them. They have to be informative, because whether you believe or not "The public always has a right to know about what is happening in their world/community that they live in."
Episode two of The Newsroom is all about informing the public in the proper context. The days of glamorous and entertaining news journalism is over.
Episode one of The Newsroom is over and its now time to produce news that matters to the viewers. Journalism Integrity
The opening scene of The Newsroom begins in a board meeting where the staff are going through mountains of paperwork trying to piece together the most important stories which will be featured on the broadcast later that night.
How do they do that? They come together as a team and they stradegize about the use of compelling news stories that they think is crucial information that the viewers of the broadcast should know about.
Some of the most important questions are asked in that meeting. Who does this news affect?
The (5) W's
Why is it a problem?
What is the solution?
When did this occur?
Who are the people or parties involved in the story?
What are they saying?
What are the facts?
Where are the sources?
These questions are known in the journalism field as the five W's. The five W's are used to create any good news story.
But not just any news story, news stories that matter. How do journalists in The Newsroom do that?
Simple their moral fiber and sense of integrity is tested through their newest Executive Producer Mackenzie McHale. McHale tries to produce news that has a little bit of an integrity behind it that the the ACN News Network still have.
NEWS Night 2.0 Meeting
Episode two was a way for The Newsroom to pull back the curtain and show the HBO viewers that this is the kind of work that develops good news, compelling news and news that has integrity.

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