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Mormon for President?

By Julie Lines
Posted Aug 4, 2012 in Politics
My name is Julie, and I am a Mormon. Our (maybe) future president, Mitt Romney, is also Mormon. From past experiences, I believe that Mitt Romney will not receive fair votes because of one thing: his religion.
Mitt Romney, from my discoveries, seems to be a pretty legit man. I am scared to say though, that I believe majority of people will re-elect Obama, (a man of whom plans to inject us with tracking devices from ObamaCare) instead of Romney for one reason: they believe Romney will try converting the country into Mormonism. I have heard this from over a dozen people. What makes them think such crazy things?
Romney is simply dedicated to making this country a better place. Clearly we REALLY need him. This country is full of problems: theft, adultery, drugs, racism?! Really? It took us HOW long to elect a black president? Why are we so focused on the cover of the book? Obama was elected president because he was black. Not because people thought he would be a decent leader of our (free) country.
Romney is no different. People need to quit basing their decisions on what a person is, but WHO that person is. What is wrong with this country? We have NO money, soon we will have NO freedom.. what more is to come?