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The Newsroom: Episode 1 Review

By Anthony Sicilia
Posted Aug 2, 2012 in Entertainment
The NEWSROOM: Episode 1
HBO's TV series The Newsroom offers an inside look into the fictitious news network of ACN. Its lead on camera anchor is a smooth talking, well dressed man Will McAvoy is known in the journalism field The Jay Leno of news journalism. Will McAvoy has a very intelligent way of thinking, He is known for not taking a political stance , because he doesn't want to cause any disputes or disagreements.
Over the years Will McAvoy used to be a journalist that once read and cared about the news. However do to people not being a big fan of the news , he has traded his journalism smarts in for popular ratings.
As you can probably understand with the news cast being a bit more entertaining little by little as each day passes it speaks to the viewers who enjoy good entertainment, aside from the usual mundane and dry newscast that quite often can be a bit too serious and depressing at times for one to stomach.
Enter Mackenzie McHale, (Emily Mortimer) who is a well renowned journalist and also of former love interest in McAvoy's past. McHale was hired by the head of the news program Sam Waterston who portrays the role of news director Charlie Skinner.
Skinner has made it his mission for the ACN news network to once again deliver news that matters to the viewers. Skinner hires McHale as Will McAvoy's Executive Producer to as they say in the show "To right the ship," to get away from a more entertaining side of the news and deliver news that effects the viewers.
A station that delivers news is what the president of the network insists happen once again. With McAvoy and McHale working together as a team for the sake of journalism, the news division and its staff is in for a hard line news story that will not only affect the viewers but it will also test their staff working relationship to deliver good news.
The nightly news staff are hit with the news that an oil rig has exploded in the Gulf of Mexico which has leaked oil at thousands of gallons an hour. This is important because the oil spill effects water supply and sea life.
The oil companies are playing a bit of hardball, their beating around the bush and their not really giving the answers that people have the right to know about.
It is ACN'S job to get the answers, deliver the facts as well as inform the the public of what is happening.
All too often mass media and journalism is structured in a form of entertainment and glitzy news stories take a back seat to the real method of journalism integrity. Mass media and journalism can sometimes polarize a story without really informing the public.
The HBO Series The Newsroom offers a unique look into the lives of a news division. The one component that makes a television series like this so unique is the fact that a TV series much like this one has never been done before
Although ACN is a fictitious news network., what The Newsroom does offer the general public is the constant struggle of journalism. It gives viewers the very real sense that good journalism is possible no matter the name of the network.
Join me tomorrow night as I breakdown episode 2 : News Night 2.0
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