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Giving the viewers an inside look into the new HBO Series The Newsroom

By Anthony Sicilia
Posted Aug 2, 2012 in Entertainment
Dear viewers and readers of the new media format known as Digital Journal, my name is Anthony Sicilia.
I am a Canadian based media journalist covering the world of sports. The reason I am telling you this is because I have a wide variety of other skills and knowledge as it pertains to the news journalism whether that be from an area of TV, Radio and/or blogging. It is not my intention to act disrespectful or dishonest to any of my readers.
I have chosen to write information based on my opinions and thoughts about the television series on HBO known simply as The Newsroom. Because I am well trained journalist of media It is my common ground that I will deliver only objective opinions and not bias about the show. The reason I have chosen to take on this task, is because much like I said earlier I am a trained journalist and I believe with a show like The Newsroom on television it opens up doors to viewers to see a world many know about, but very few understand and a lot more viewers are concerned about the content on their televisions due to over-commercializing the news.
It is my sole promise and purpose to deliver information to you the readers that is for all intense in purposes is fair, insightful, enlightening and most of all educational. The reason I have decided to take on a task like this is because far too often in this day and age, people are unaware of the power of media and the type of responsibility it carries as a network. Often ask themselves one question.Is there any good journalist left in the world? I am here to say that there is, I am one of them. I am also here to make sure no wires get crossed.
What I mean by that is this:
Watch these three very different video clips.
The Newsroom speech
Mass Media Entertainment
So if your a fan of fair news journalism than I hope you join me on this journey of a special look into The Newsroom.

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