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Has anyone else noticed the leader board looks wonky?

By Anne Sewell
Posted Jul 31, 2012 in Odd News
Something strange going on - this is what I am seeing right now:
1. JohnThomas Didymus 13,593 points (over 6,000 points in one day??)
2. Anne Sewell 5,686 points (sounds about right)
3. Darren Weir 9,825 points (also a huge leap, but shouldn't he be No. 2?)
4. Elizabeth Batt 4,896 points (sounds about right)
5. Leigh Goessel 9,187 points (another big leap, but shouldn't she be No. 3?
Weird stuff... and it carries on being out of kilter as you go down. Kept a screen capture of it:
Leader board July 31  2012
Leader board July 31, 2012
Screen dump

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