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Olympic News: Who are Wenlock & Mandeville?

By Anthony Sicilia
Posted Jul 31, 2012 in Sports
London 2012
2012 Olympic mascots gain worldwide attention for being a little creepy.
While I was viewing a featured story on Rogers Sportsnet about the official mascots for the 2012 Summer Games. I was lost for words and confused. It seems like these 2012 Olympic mascots have gained worldwide attention for being just a bit on the creepy side.
At first glance, it was difficult to know what these statues were. I was glad I was not the only one confused about this topic. As a matter of fact London's own citizens couldn't even identify what the two mascots were supposed to resemble.
A host countries mascot during the time of the Olympics plays a small but very crucial role in identifying the country's pageantry and flare towards the games. Whether that be Summer or Winter.
Throughout the years that the Olympics have come on to the scene there have been a wide range of characters who represent the host country in a very colorful and dramatic way. Some of the mascots from previous Olympics include: bears, birds, beavers, fish, dogs and even two small children. I have just been alerted by The National Post that there are 83 statues of the dynamic duo. That's a lot of one eyed creatures watching over the Summer Games. It might just border on the bizarre.
However "It seems pretty certain that the mascots known as Wenlock and Mandeville will be in a league of their own as far as mascots go." However because I was not not only intrigued by the Rogers Sportsnet feature, but curious as well. So much so that I decided to do some research of my own. Here's what I found:
London if it was your idea to be original than I can assure of you of one thing as far as Wenlock and Mandeville go. "Your mascots will never be imitated and never duplicated."

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