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Batman wins again but 'The Watch' must have broken

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Jul 29, 2012 in Entertainment
No way would any film beat Batman this weekend as it rose again to the top spot. The aftermath of the shootings and the suspect in jail did create some odd behavior at some theaters throughout the land, but that was to be expected. The film's North American take is at $290 million.
1. "The Dark Knight Rises" - $64 million
2. "Ice Age: Continental Drift" - $13.3 million
3. "The Watch" - $13 million
Since many box office numbers were mute last week, let's dive deeper into the latest Batman numbers. The film is now approaching $300 million, domestically, and seemed be tracking close to its predecessor in the first seven days. On day number eight, it has lost some of that. It took six days to go over that $200 million mark while "The Dark Knight" took five. It only took "The Avengers" three days.
It took two days to reach $100 million and three days to reach $150 million, so despite some reports, the film is doing fine. One must look at the competition as well. That would be from the Olympics. That competition would not come from the the other movie releases, and did not.
As for "The Watch," look out. With a name like that, the headlines are easy. For example, Nobody watched "The Watch" or "The Watch" broke. It was originally titled "The Neighborhood Watch," but the events in Florida made a change necessary. Perhaps more changes should have been made or better yet, scrap this one.
The other list will center on all-time box office when inflation enters the picture.
All-time, inflation
1. "Gone with the Wind" - $1,600,193,400
2. "Star Wars" - $1,410,707,200
3. "The Sound of Music" - $1,127,929,800
4. "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial" - $1,123,486,300
5. "Titanic" - $1,074,383,500

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