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By Silvio Trentini
Posted Jul 28, 2012 in Sports
The Olympic torch was lit. Hundreds of smaller torches were ignited by a group of young athletes, and by being raised, they came together as one single torch. A moment later, Sir Paul McCartney sang one of the most famous songs by the Beatles, “Hey Jude,” and brought tears to our eyes, while “Come Together,” another one of their major hits, was sang and was, the primary theme throughout the show. No other songs would have been a more appropriate choice. The organizers of the XXX Olympic Summer Games could not have done a better job.
Everything we have seen and heard during the opening ceremonies in London was designed, constructed, and choreographed, to convey the best and most significant principle that epitomizes the Olympic Games, the coming together of the Human Race. In its often perceived double meaning, it is, in fact, both, a race of a biological sentient species on planet earth, and a race of humans trying, many times to outdo one another to get to win some ephemeral prize. However, it is, in truth, one single race that includes both meanings of the phrase. It is the one race where people, metaphorically, hold hands as they run, and it is the one race where, in things most deep, most important, and most sacred to the human heart, it does not matter what colour or gender it is the hand we are holding. It is the only race where, in reality, everyone wins. No one laughs, no one cries, but where all of us smile. We are content, reassured, and rejoice in the knowledge that this race is one, possessing one goal.
We are, thus, kissed by the Sun of sisterhood, brotherhood, and solemn equality. So, let us, indeed celebrate all that we are as different individuals, and as important parts and manifestations of our own family, community, and nation, but, in doing so, we can indeed recognize the union of all the colours into a single hue that is the colour of many. This is the everlasting and exquisite message we have heard during the opening ceremonies. It is one voice we heard in London. Through the diverse images symbolically re-enacting the history of Great Britain, through memories that connect us all, and through a renewed understanding of a new world, we all felt compelled to move past hindering pre-conceptions, and, in so doing, reach greater heights.
So, yes, Sir, Paul McCartney, we heard you. We shall endeavor to come together, take a sad song and make it much better, and commit to do it right now.
The London opening ceremonies of the XXX Olympiad are, in conclusion, the best example of what Great Britain has to offer. Britons have a resilient spirit, great love for their neighbors, and a vision for the future that, often, has been overlooked by the many negative events that occurred in and around Great Britain throughout its history. We cannot forget, though, that the very concept of freedom originated in Great Britain and does exist in the principles laid out in the Magna Carta in 1215. The British people are one of the first in line, when need arises, to offer aid around the world, and their affinity to unite with other peoples, with one another, and walk the extra mile, has come through loud and clear throughout its rich and complex history.
Perhaps, now is the time for Great Britain, and all of us in any country, to step away and think outside of the proverbial box. There, in a courageous and illuminated new world, we can stand on solid ground and feel the fire inside of us quenching our thirst for renewal in a reality that has always been there within reach and always so invisible. It is our opportunity to unite with the reason for who and what we are. We shall, indeed, come together.

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