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Digital Journal's style guide for Olympics coverage

By David Silverberg
Posted Jul 27, 2012 in Internet
Covering a story as massive as the Olympics can be confusing for writers, since some countries have different policies on phrases, acronyms, etc. We thought we'd compile a style guide for reporting on this year's Summer Games, so please see below before you begin writing Olympics-related articles. We'd like our Olympics coverage to be as consistent as possible.
Also note we previously wrote about the proper tag (keyword) to use when filing Olympics content. (It's "Olympics", by the way).
Our 2012 Olympics style guide:
Olympics or Olympic Games
Always capitalized. There are Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics, or Summer Games and Winter Games.
Noun. Always capitalized.
Adjective (without s) and always capitalized: Olympic gold medal, Olympic coach, Olympic host city, Olympic flame, etc.
Any athlete who has competed in the Olympics.
London Games, London Olympics
Capitalized. Also, 2012 Olympics or 2012 Games. London Summer Olympics and London Summer Games.
Capitalized when attached to the host city or year: the London Games and the 2012 Games.
Lowercase the sports such as men's gymnastics, women's basketball, etc.
Medals are lowercase as in, "Canada won the gold medal for men's rowing."
Other terms: Olympic Park, Olympic Village is capitalized (or athletes' village, lower case), Olympic opening ceremony (singular) and closing ceremony (singular).
Got any questions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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