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Christian and Gloria a love story about American Idiots living in the 21st Century

By Anthony Sicilia
Posted Jul 27, 2012 in Entertainment
I have come to realize that mankind and womankind want one similar thing. They want to be loved. That is the one thing that is sought out more than money, more than friends , even more than food.
Its humankind's primary goal in life above all else. Love is also the topic most musicians sing about in their songs. As kids we all lived in a simpler time. We grew up on fairy tales. Girls grew adoring characters like Snow White. Guys grew up idolizing the superheroes like Batman and Superman. When we were kids we lived in a simpler time, where we dreamed anything was possible. But What does Once a upon a time actually mean? Can true love happen? To find out the answers to these questions, I examined all songs written and sang by the band Green Day. I examined every popular song written and sang by Green Day and when I discovered a pattern I wrote a poem about it for a poetry slam competition.
The poem is titled
Christian & Gloria a love story about American idiots in the 21st Century
This here poem is a tribute to Green day who’s words when sung, doesn’t sound the same way. I only have 3 minutes to say what’s on my mind, but before I start I want show you what I am going to say, come with me if you dare to embark on the journey. Please don’t stray, as we search along the paths, take a look into the past and have a hell of a blast.
From the starting line to the finish line, I’m going present to you the story of the 21st Century American Idiots Christian and Gloria.
Warning: This is a public service announcement, emergency evacuation protest. Are story begins in 1994 when Green Day songs were so big that you couldn’t help but hit the dance floor. Their first major opening act album Insomniac with songs like Brain Stew, when heard it, you hoped your brain wouldn’t turn to goo or have a jaded look like that David Spade dude.
Trust me I don’t mean to be crude I’m just telling the truth with sense and a new attitude. Now its time to switch gears, get rid of all your fears. Clap you’re your hands and jug a few beers. Sit relax, hand me all your stress and strife. As I take you on a journey that will make sure you have the time of your life.
In a instant that song changes your mood, take your pictures and get your tattoos. A brand new mood creates a brand new you that brand new you, has to the power to say Forget YOU Look at you in the audience some of you are thinking “Can you believe this dude. He’s so crude. In truth it’s my rebellious attitude.
Pay attention to the words and you will see the Longview. If you don’t credit what I say, I dare you to get in my face and put my words to the ultimate test, but if you do , than please take my advice, brush your teeth I can’t handle your poetry geek stink breath.
To be honest with you, I’d rather be part of the minority than the majority of American Idiots where television and media are telling fabricated lies. But THANK GOD were all Canadian because it’s a tag line I don’t buy. If your sad about the situation go see St. Jimmy and pay for some Novocain, don’t worry you won’t feel pain , just a funny feeling inside your melting brain.
You say to me, I only did it to stay sane. Because this girl rip out my heart and left it slain. WHATSHERNAME? I remember the face, but I forget the name. So please if you could WAKE ME UP WHEN September ENDS, Maybe than I will have something to give, but for now, I have no reason to live. It’s the death of St. Jimmy and his eternal homecoming, can you hear the faint sound of trumpets and drums drumming.
Its St. Jimmy. He’s says were all messed up and we are all the same and Mom and Dad are the ones you can blame. “Now that my body is slain, if I ever come back let me change my name to Christian because I am on a mission. To find the extraordinary girl with pearls. She a rebel, she says, All the way from Chicago to Toronto. She’s rebel that could beat the stuffing out of the devil.
That score is now settled the debt is paid as the beast is slayed and not a moment to late. She changed her name and her fate. She now goes by the name of Gloria but she refuses to live in Florida.
A newspaper reporter asked Gloria how she survived in the mouth of Hell. She responded simply, In hell I heard no church bells, and I thought the only way to beat the devil is strike with furious anger , so that he would come to know that Satan himself was in danger.
Her name was not known, but the record shall show that the devil went down in smoke and got beat by a complete stranger. “I wanted to see the light but I do know that I had to fight. thus ends the story of Christian & Gloria

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