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Back in Milwaukee: Visiting pals, resting a while and beginning again

By Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
Posted Jul 26, 2012 in Lifestyle
Here is a brief update -- that has been updated during the night and morning today, because I could not save a draft to add onto before publishing:
My tortoiseshell cat colleague and I returned to Milwaukee July 18. We're staying with pals until an apartment opens up -- whichever becomes available first in one or the other building we've chosen (out of those owned by the the property management company we've chosen).
Our sudden flight from California and the caretaking gig that had shifted there from Madison, Wisconsin and become almost overwhelming was almost a panicky escape. Still, we took a week of deep breaths, researching and planning, then set those folks up with several far more qualified helpers specializing in diverse appropriate services.
So we departed amicably after all. Overall, I finish far more than I quit and I hate to let go -- but I will walk (or fly) away, if I realize I've misjudged situations and committed myself way beyond my capabilities. In this case, the gig snowballed -- even in the 100 degree dry, breezy heat of California's Central Valley -- until the tasks(s) I was being expected to accomplish day to day (without respite) no longer resembled what I had signed on for (much). Now I am feeling relief, for it appears I did no harm before I gave up!
My laptop arrived Monday, so I can begin faster freelance writing again. But my focus will be anonymous content (mass-)production until I get up to speed earning, except for catching up on my longstanding manuscript editing gig (before those patrons lose patience and fire me) and occasional blogging.
Also Monday I bused to Racine, Wisconsin (only 45 minutes southward) to help my nun friend move to another building at the DeKoven Center. The temperature and humidity were both about as high as they get, but I don't mind heat or sweat.
Next, I plan to get back in the habit of pausing now and then, here and there to snap pictures of my companion and our neighborhoods. Now that my schedule is flexible again, I might snap back quickly. But so far, I have only a couple pics to show.
This tortoiseshell cat is exploring a new territory on a hot  muggy day in Milwaukee  Wisconsin.
This tortoiseshell cat is exploring a new territory on a hot, muggy day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
There are mini-critters to pounce on in this summer garden too  of course.
There are mini-critters to pounce on in this summer garden too, of course.