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The best book on writing you'll ever read

By David Silverberg
Posted Jul 25, 2012 in Lifestyle
Around two years ago I wrote about a great book on writing non-fiction called On Writing Well by William Zinsser. Many new fantastic writers are joined Digital Journal since then and might've missed that post, so I will once again point out why this well-known book is a must-have for any writer.
It's informative. Plain and simple, it breaks down how to write intros, the best way to use tricky phrases, how to slim down on extra verbiage, how to profile people, finding your writing voice and much more. Its 300 pages are packed with enough education you'll feel like you just finished a journalism crash course.
It offers examples you can relate to, no matter what you write. On writing travel articles, for example, Zinsser picks up on real-world articles to illustrate his points. He doesn't just say do that, do this, and then leaves you to it. He shows you how to be entertaining, clear and factual by giving you examples of journalists shining at their craft.
It's timeless. I first read On Writing Well around 10 years ago and I read it around every two years. Its advice holds water no matter when you read the book, just like The Elements of Style. Learning how to be a good writer doesn't suddenly get passe; rather, the book is even more important now due to the barrage of information overloading us daily. How can writers cut through the clutter and curate facts and news so clearly readers will never be confused by the articles? How can attract a reader's attention right away?
Most local libraries have On Writing Well, but if there's any book worth purchasing this would be it. For any writers on my Chanukah/Christmas list, this is often a go-to gift.

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