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The properties of antimicrobial bandages

By Tim Sandle
Posted Jul 24, 2012 in Health
The addition of anti-microbial substances to bandages to help combat wound infection is becoming increasingly common. Bandages are included in the regimen of therapy of superficial wounds. In an article written for Arab Medical Hygiene, Tim Sandle surveys the different types of antimicrobial compounds and different preparations of bandages.
Here is an extract:
“Different types of chemical coatings have been developed for bandages. In order to assess the effectiveness of the coatings experimental data must be gathered to show that the chemical, in contact with the bandage, can reduce a known number of microorganisms (as measured by a logarithmic reduction) and be effective against a range of different bacteria and fungi (clinically significant microorganisms). Techniques to demonstrate the antimicrobial properties include cultural methods like corrected zone of inhibition and the log reduction assay, and flow cytometry.”
The reference is:
Sandle, T. (2012). “A silver lining? The use of antimicrobial bandages”, Arab Medical Hygiene, Issue 6, July 2012, pp19-25

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