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Is technology harming us?

By Sara Star
Posted Jul 19, 2012 in Technology
According to anarchist and primitivist, John Zerzan, technology is destroying communities.
Described as an anti-Steve Jobs, Zerzan was recently interviewed on Coast to Coast am radio - July 14, 2012.
I'd like to go back to the stone age. .... Unlike today, people did not work all of the time, females were not objectified, the natural world was not systematically destroyed, and there was no organized warfare. It was an egalitarian life of sharing. Domestication and agriculture, however, turned people away from this freer life of simply taking what nature provided. Modernity and progress have ultimately led to a society bereft of face-to-face interaction and with no accountability among its members.
As community has disappeared and been replaced by technology, individuals have become increasingly medicated and incidences of violence, such as school/work/family shootings, have increased. Zerzan proposed abandoning domestication and industrialization in order to restore the natural order of things.

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