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The Mosquito Sting — A Book Review

By Gary Bruce
Posted Jul 14, 2012 in Entertainment
The Mosquito Sting is the debut novel of K.W. Bowlin and is an exciting read in the vain of James Lee Burke or Lee Child. I couldn’t put it down.
The story deals with a once famous, middle aged musician whose daughter disappears in Africa. In an attempt to assuage the guilt he feels over the loss of his daughter and to do something meaningful in his life, he creates one of the largest counterfeit operations in the world to fund philanthropic projects throughout Africa. He does this with the help of a quirky band of misfits including a reclusive MIT genius and a retired cage fighter. In the process, the hero’s perform a brilliant double sting operation on a ruthless Mexican Cartel and a corrupt Indian Casino Chief. Bowlin weaves a brilliant tale that involves counterfeit and money laundering in the high powered capital of world finance in the Cayman Islands. But the story is grounded in loyal friendships in an age-old formula established by the likes of Holmes and Watson, and Kirk and Spock, and Earp and Holiday.
The characters and dialogue jump off the page from Cash Carrillo the flirtatious ornery hero to the sinister Cartel Boss and crooked Casino Chief and the once great retired cage fighter Ricardo de Villa “The Avenging Angel” and MIT physicist Bradley R. Kent “the Brick.” From a hidden cave in Northern California where the counterfeit operation takes place to Tijuana and the financial money center of the world in the Cayman islands and lastly to the jungles of Africa where the daughter might still be alive, the action is non-stop, fast paced and completely original.
“A penny for your thoughts and a quarter for your deeds. Up until a few months ago, my thoughts would have made me a billionaire. My deeds put me up about a buck-fifty. Things changed” ……Cash Carrillo.
The Mosquito Sting is available in all on-line distribution outlets including Apple, Kindle, and EPub. Retail cost of the book is $4.95….an absolute bargain for 94,000 words of pure adventure, loyal friendships, and a glimpse into a world in Africa unseen and misunderstood by so many people.
This book is a great example of the type of new material becoming available on the internet from otherwise unknown and unheralded artists like Bowlin. The book can be previewed before purchasing by going to and entering “The Mosquito Sting.” You’ll be stung for good!

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