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"I was molested by 20 men while people stood and watched"

By Neeti Pherwani
Posted Jul 13, 2012 in World
Her friend wanted some cash to pay off the bills for the party as it came to an end, so she took a friend and went to the ATM.There, a young fellow and his friends were videotaping these girls. She got upset, and asked him to stop. For this, she was molested. Shocking news in Guwahati, Assam in India has created an uproar around the country
.A young 17 year old, at 8.30 at night on Monday , the 9th of July, was getting set to go home after her friend's b'day party, and she was molested in the open, by an unbelievable number of 20 young men, many of them adolescent boys. While her clothes were being torn off, she screamed for help, but people only stood and watched. A young man who tried to intervene, was pushed away, so he called the police and videotaped this incident. The police arrived on the spot only after half an hour, and finally saved her from the torment and humiliation.
Two days later, the girl decided to speak up. She allowed the video of her molestation to be released so the country could see how she had been treated and so to bring shame to those men that did that to her. She was in such trauma for the firs two days that she had actually contemplated suicide. But she decided it wasnt her position to be ashamed at all. She thanked the police for their help and cooperation in the incident, although it was only after half an hour that they arrived on the spot. This entire incident throws light on the despicable situation in India for many reasons. The first being that of supposed impropriety. When the girl begged the men to stop videotaping and asked them why they were doing such a thing, they replied saying well, they were wearing tiny clothes, what could they expect. Another one, people and their priorities when it comes to helping. If it were a road accident and a fight that ensued after, people would not hesitate to join in even for no business of theirs. But in an incident where molestation of a girl was concerned, not even 15 of the numerous people standing there could bother to come and tackle adolescent boys. Another thing, the men while being videotaped, had a brazen look on their face of actually even being proud of what they were doing. A chauvinistic attitude, highly commonly found here. the nation has stood up in protest of the incident, and support of this girl. She has been brave enough to come out in the open and in her interviews even openly say what was done to her , probably the first molestation victim in India to do so.