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Video: Unlikely quotes from The Dark Knight Rises

By David Silverberg
Posted Jul 11, 2012 in Entertainment
As the buzz gets louder for the impending release of The Dark Knight Rises (July 20), some humorists are having fun with all the Batmania. A YouTube user named OctavariusImprov had some fun giving unusual lines to a guy dressed as Batman in the appropriately titled vid Unlikely quotes from Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.
We all know Batman cried out "Rachel!" quite often in The Dark Knight, but would he ever shout out the similar-sounding "Ray Charles!" Would he ever just moan "It's been a bad Wednesday."
The vid has its hits and misses, but overall it's a fun little sketch poking fun at not only Batman culture but also services such as Tumblr, iPhone's Siri and Spotify. Universal health care makes a surprise appearance in Batman's absurd dialogue.
NSFW due to a few swears.

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