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If you often forget things when you leave the house, put them in your shoes

By David Silverberg
Posted Jul 10, 2012 in World
In the first of many "life tips" I hope to post within the next few weeks, here's an easy one:
Let's say you're a forgetful person who doesn't remember to take keys, wallet, cellphone, gum, etc. after leaving the house. It happens to the best of us, right?
A few hours before you leave, when you remember the things you need to bring with you (instead of rushing five minutes before you hurry out), place the items in question in your shoes. Stuff like wallets and keys are ideal, but could also work for USB keys, a plastic bottle of water, a business card, a camera, and so on. Just might not be ideal for larger items such as tablets and books.
So when you go to put on your shoes, your feet will hit the keys, say, and you'll say to yourself, "Right, my keys, now I got 'em for sure!"
I've found it to be helpful, but one main caveat: shoes aren't the cleanest piece of clothing you own (the inside I mean), so best to give your item a wipedown once you plucked it from the shoe. A quick wipe from a paper towel often does the trick.
So do you find this useful? And remember to join the Group so you can be alerted to other life tips...and feel free to post your own!

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