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Spelt, honey and walnut bread

By Steve Hayes
Posted Jul 8, 2012 in Food
Spelt, honey and walnut bread is delicious. Spelt is an ancient grain that humans have been using to make bread for at least nine thousand years. Roman soldiers supposedly called it their "marching grain". And it is easy to see why: it is nutritious, tasty and easy to make. In fact, it is so easy, a child could make it. So here is a simple step by step guide to making spelt, honey and walnut bread.
First, only use the finest ingredients. They are not expensive, in comparison to buying bread from the shop; certainly not in comparison to the retail price of artisan bread, which is what you will be producing.
250g wholegrain spelt flour
2g fresh ground sea salt
1tsp honey
175ml warm water (one third boiling, two thirds cold)
7g active yeast
25g walnuts (broken)
45ml extra virgin olive oil
Place the water into a jug and add the honey and yeast. Leave to stand for fifteen minutes.
bread making. Yeast feeding on honey.
bread making. Yeast feeding on honey.
Whilst the yeast grows, put the flour, salt, and broken walnuts into a bowl and mix together. A couple of twirls with a spoon should do.
Now add the olive oil.
Pour in the yeast, honey and water and mix all the ingredients together. There is no need to knead. It should only take a minute and the dough should look like this:
Now for the magic ingredient: Time. Cover the dough and leave to prove for at least seven hours. You can leave it overnight, if you like. While it stands, nature will do all the heavy work. This is why you did not have to knead the dough. But, more importantly, this is what will give your bread its delicious, complex flavour.
Having waited, this is what it now should look like:
Now, you knock out all the air the yeast has put into the flour and shape it. This should only take a minute. If the dough is on the wet side, you can lightly dust your board to make it easier to handle, but it should not be necessary. Place the dough on a lightly oiled baking tray
and leave to rise for an hour, before baking in a fan assisted oven at C200 (you will need to use 220, if your oven is not fan assisted) for thirty minutes. Remove from oven:

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