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Mira Sorvino shines in "The Last Templar" made-for-TV-mini-series"

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Jul 5, 2012 in Entertainment
For all you "Indiana Jones" and "Laura Croft" fans the made-for-TV mini-series "The Last Templar is sure to please. This 2009 extravaganza has all the "bells and whistles" so to speak that one expects from an action-adventure movie.
Mira Sorvino (who won an Academy Award for her performance in Woody Allen's "Mighty Aphrodite") shines in this well-made "Da Vinci Code"-like tale of stolen treasure, historic intrigue and modern-day chicanery and deception in high places.
Sorvino portrays Tess Chaykin, a contemporary archaeologist who like the figure in the Laura Croft movies is multi-talented and courageous in her pursuit of archaeological treasures and finding the facts and truth behind history. Oh and yeah she is a really hot dresser. Sorvino is always dressed in the best fashion, even when out in the field on a dig.
People who enjoy a good suspense thriller turned history story turned into mystery plot, will find "The Last Templar" worth watching. Based on the book of the same name by Raymond Khoury, the references to the Medieval order of religious knight-crusaders will stir the imagination with "what if." Very similar to the "Da Vinci Code" among others that mixes history with legend and has the audience wondering what really was and what might have been.
Also, deeper questions as to those age-old philosophical musings "meaning of life, is there a God" subtly seep into the script which makes for some interesting thought-provoking wondering. The LA Times review expressed some disappointment in the story line, which for some might seem a bit stretched. But for a made-for-TV movie this production with its sincere aim at action-adventure, is outstanding. Well, at least for this reporter.
But it is also the power struggle in the story, between the secretive Monsignor De Angelis portrayed by Broadway's own Victor Garber and his ambitions in the Vatican., that adds that bit of modern-day intrigue. It is that intrigue that keeps the audience guessing as to what will happen next.
Special effects and excellent performances by the entire cast will keep audiences enthralled until the conclusion. "The Last Templar" is available on DVD.

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