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British history fans will enjoy Peter Ackroyd's secret history beneath the streets of London

By Jonathan Farrell
Posted Jul 5, 2012 in World
When archaeologists want to know more about a place the thing they do is dig deep to reveal the layers of a given city or civilization. Some refer to this as forensic science, yet it provides tremendous insight and detailed information that historians today must rely upon in order to get an accurate view of the subject they are studying.
So it is with Peter Ackroyd's book "London Under - The Secret History Beneath the Streets." Consisting of just over 200 pages, Ackroyd's work is easy to read for the non-scholar yet precise to get a little known view of an old city with literally layers of history under the surface.
While some of the book gives accounts dating as far back as Roman times, Ackroyd does a good job of relating just how intricate the layers and complexity of a given sewer and water system can be. And, how much the people who work therein risk their lives for the sake of the city, its expansion, prosperity and its health.
This reporter was intrigued to learn that the author has written more than 30 books on history and historical personalities and subjects; along with some poetry. I am eager to find and read more of his works. This little gem certainly deserves to be in a British history section of any good library.

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