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Is the flexible smartphone the future?

By Tim Sandle
Posted Jul 2, 2012 in Technology
A team of Canadian researchers have created a prototype flexible smartphone made of electronic paper.
A Canadian research team, based at the Human Media Lab at Queen's University, Canada, in collaboration with the Arizona State University's Motivational Environments Research group, have created the world’s first flexible smartphone. The device looks like a sheet of paper with numbers and symbols on it.
The researchers, led by Dr Roel Vertegaal, have called their prototype device the “PaperPhone”. The device is only a few millimetres thick.
The device is capable of undertaking the same tasks as a standard smartphone: including telephone calls, text messages, playing music and displaying e-books.
The future selling point is not only the ultra-thin and ultra-light design. The device will trigger different functions when it is flexed, folded on bent at the sides or corners. In addition, the device can be activated using a pen pressed onto the material (using the e-ink technology used by the Amazon Kindle).
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