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'Ted' takes the title

By Tim O'Brien
Posted Jul 1, 2012 in Entertainment
Going into the weekend, it wasn't easy to figure out which movie would come out of top. First off, the weather out east and the power outages had to hurt somewhat.
But, then again, when the power was on, the heat certainly made people seek shelter in the air and be entertained at the same time. However, that angle has been done in these reports, so it's time to find another one.
Here it is. One could say with the Fourth of July falling on a Wednesday, there are two holiday weekends wrapped in the flag this year. And the need for escapism is here as well. With "Ted" and "Magic Mike," opening big on Friday, it proved that as well. "Ted," doesn't seem like a movie that would necessarily do great box office, but it did. It is from the creator of "Family Guy," which helped and it is seriously funny. Then there is "Magic Mike," a perfect outing for women, who make many decisions regarding what movies to watch on any weekend. Plus, the theaters are still packed full of other fare, including "The Avengers," "Brave," "Madagascar 3" and "MIB3." On that note, as reported here last week, "The Avengers" did indeed sail over the $600 million mark and sits comfortably in third all time, both domestically and worldwide.
1. "Ted" - $54.1 million
2. "Magic Mike" - $39.1 million
3. "Brave" - $34 million
The other list this time around features the top films over the past few years. Why? It is June and the half way point, so let's check those out now.
Top Films of the Year
2012 - "The Avengers" - so far, it has the title. Will it keep it?
2011 - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2"
2010 - "Toy Story 3"
2009 - "Avatar"
2008 - "The Dark Knight"
Now is also the time of year when Oscar buzz picks up after many film festivals have been completed. It looks like "Beast of the Southern Wild," which opened June 27, is one of those films. So is "Moonrise Kingdom" and "To Rome With Love." More later on those as the year progresses.

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