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My new breakfast 'sandwich' I call Morning Cracker

By David Silverberg
Posted Jun 21, 2012 in Food
I recently thought about making a unique breakfast treat, something a little less on the calories side than a breakfast sandwich but also filling. I decided to use some recent ingredients I bought, such as locally-made rye-dried currant crackers and Havarti cheese.
I thought, why not make a morning sandwich without the bread? So here's what I did this morning: I made scrambled eggs topped with some Parmesan cheese, and also got some turkey bacon cooking. I then layered the eggs on the cracker, topped it with the Havarti cheese and then blanketed it all with a strip of turkey bacon. Delicious!
For my second one, I added a smear of ketchup on the cracker before adding eggs, which offset the dry feel of the crackers nicely. Not sure if I should go for butter or mayo next time; any suggestions?
Morning Cracker, as I call it, turned out to be so filling, I'm not even all that hungry for lunch. And I kind of want another right now.
What's your fave breakfast snack? Fill us in in the comment section below!