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Sex sells in advertising but now ads are just getting lazy

By David Silverberg
Posted Jun 19, 2012 in Lifestyle
In a new online ad for for Cromwell and Cruthers shaving oil, two barely-clad women wrestle as one represents foam and the other reps oil. They writhe in the ring and slap each other's butts. Because, you know, we mindless male viewers love a good butt-slapping.
The ad execs must've been thinking, "Sexy women will make this ad go viral, just think of the pageviews!" And of course they think pageviews will translate into brand awareness, such as the big hoopla over Old Spice ads.
But sex sells to a certain point...and then it becomes sad. And silly. The ad reminds me of Maxim covers that are trying desperately to stay relevant in a skin-everywhere digital world. It's desperation defended by "Look at pretty women! Buy our products!"
I prefer to see advertising that makes us think. That is clever without hitting us over the head with punchlines. Like this ad. Or one that go hugely original like this one. Maybe it's too optimistic to think ad firms will change their long-standing ways of promoting erotica masked as commercials, but hey, maybe these kinds of rants will get in front of the right eyeballs. Maybe ad execs will realize we're not all slobbering horny kids who'll buy shaving cream because hot models told us to.