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If I had 1 wish

By nasha george
Posted Jun 18, 2012 in Lifestyle
While lazing on one boring afternoon when there was nothing else left to do at the house, my son asked me, "mom if you had one wish what would it be?"
I tried to think hard to come up with the perfect wish. This was a tough one, a very tough one indeed, considering the fact that we live in a third world country. I thought of being the richest woman on earth so I could help everyone in need, I wanted to wish for ever lasting life for all good people, and the thought of a perfect flawless body crossed my mind, among many other things. I thought so hard that yet he was smiling away anxious to tell me his wish. I thought to myself "how did he think of something so quickly?"
So I asked him, "what would your one wish be?" he replied, "I would wish for 10 wishes, and when I am done using the ninth wish, I would wish for 10 more wishes on the tenth wish, and I would go on like this until i can wish no more."
I felt so dumb.

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