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Why can't the MSM get the Ontario NDP leader's name right?

By Andrew Moran
Posted Jun 18, 2012 in Politics
Since last autumn's provincial election, I have noticed more and more that Canada's mainstream media outlets continue to misspell the Ontario New Democratic Party leader's last name.
For those that don't follow Ontario politics, the Ontario NDP leader is ANDREA HORWATH.
But for some reason, the Toronto Star, the National Post, the Canadian Press, 680 News and others continue to make the error of spelling her last name as HOWARTH.
I know, I know, you may think this is petty of me to complain about. But I wonder why this is a constant thing from news organizations up here in our igloos.
Now I can only imagine if I or someone else here at Digital Journal made that mistake. Boy, would we get the third degree from readers everywhere but I haven't seen complaints from readers.