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My downhill slide

By Cynthia Trowbridge
Posted Jun 18, 2012 in Health
This is the week I should get some answers.
I started my downhill slide in mid-January on my way to Florida for six weeks. We took four days and three nights instead of our usual three days and two nights traveling as I was in some pain when we left.
Each time I got out of the car I became a little concerned as my legs kept getting weaker. A week after we were in Florida I had to get a cane as my legs had gotten weaker and I almost fell in a parking lot. The pain in my knees and right leg and hip steadily became worse. My husband kept wanting to go back home but I didn't want to leave.
We did leave almost a week early. I had made an appointment with a doctor before we left Florida and I saw her March 1. Since that day I have seen five doctors, two of them twice. I have gone from walking on my own with some pain to a cane with a lot of pain then to severe pain and in the last two weeks using a walker as my legs have gotten very weak. Today I will get an MRI. On Thursday I will get an EMG and the same day see the neurosurgeon and get the answer to what is going on and what needs to be done.
Am I scared, yes, but I need an answer and I want to walk and get my Independence back Oh yes, and I would like the severe pain to be gone.

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