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Careers in Digital Media Marketing

By Nauman Lodhi
Posted Jun 18, 2012 in Internet
Digital Media Marketing may be a new name for Pakistani students because universities in Pakistan have not been able to devise courses about it and also there is not enough degrees offered in this area. Before going to detail what are the career opportunities for the students in this internet-based marketing I am here discussing why is there a need to market online?
Digital marketing is basically the study of consumers who use internet. In this type of technological marketing people are shown marketing communication right on their computer or mobile screens. The ads that we see in various web sites is an example of it.
We know that only in Pakistan there are 20 million internet users. And in the rest of the world there are around 2 billion people who use internet. An online marketing expert can market to these users and generate a great amount of business for the organization in which s/he is working.
Like the IT industry in other developing countries the IT industry in Pakistan is driven by the outsourced work. Outsourcing is a business process in which companies can provide various administrative and technological services to other companies even if these are located in different geographies. The field of Digital Marketing in Pakistan at this stage is also driven by the outsourcing to a large extent. Various internet marketing and advertising agencies are providing services to the western companies. These local businesses need talented resources which is creating a demand for professionals expert in online marketing and sales.
The businesses in Pakistan too are realizing the potential of internet. Many big names are especially hiring internet marketing experts who can effectively promote companies brands.
In the coming years the demand for skilled professionals will increase. There will be more digital marketing departments in companies and there will be more work coming from developed countries. It is the right time that students who have a natural flare for marketing shall consider opting for this non-traditional marketing. It has its own peculiarities and there is a great room for learning in it as the field continues to evolve rapidly.
One question might come in your mind that if there are no degrees offered in Digital Media Marketing how can the students apply for the relevant jobs without degrees or certificates? There is an easy solution for it. Keep in mind that most companies will look for experience when it comes to digital marketing. So if you have the standard degree in Marketing and Sales and you have got internship experience related to online marketing there are chances that you can take this career route. All you would need is self study, hard work and experimentation. You can, however, do various online certifications which can aid you in your career.
One good thing about these careers is that you do not need hard core programming skills.
Following are the major careers in Web Marketing:
Search Engine Marketing:
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a very professional skill in which an expert creates ads that run specifically on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Many companies are using this marketing tactic to promote their products and services to the relevant customers in their area of business. This is a very interesting field in which it is easy to track the exact return on budget invested in an SEM campaign. Students can start learning this skill right from their home! All they need is a computer and the internet. After getting the basic knowledge it will be wise for the new comers to start some practical work in a specialized firm. There are certifications offered by Google which can also be very handy to get a job in this field.
Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most popular career in Pakistan in the field of Digital Media Marketing. A lot of companies now provide SEO services to the clients in US, UK, Pakistan and other parts of the world. In SEO the experts try optimize their web sites for the greater visibility in search engines. The rule of the game is that web sites that rank high on search engines receive more clicks and are thus more profitable. There are a lot of jobs already available in SEO.
Social Media Optimization:
Social Media Optimization (SMO), also known as Social Media Marketing (SMM), is a skill in which experts try promote brands, services and even individual on social networking communities. The examples of Social Media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, etc. These are the web sites in which SMO or SMM expert can run ads as well as promote branded messages through videos, photos and contests. SMO jobs are now being increasing by the passing time.
Email Marketing:
Email marketing is a very useful skill in Digital Media Marketing. In it the experts engage with the customers through email messaging. It is one of the best techniques to generate leads and promote business . Email marketing can be learned only by practicing it. New professionals shall look for opportunities to work with the existing professionals in relevant companies. This skill can also help you win a full time job.
Content Writing:
As the internet usage is increasing the demand for content is also increasing. Although writing might not directly come under marketing but it can be safely included in Digital Media Marketing. There is a huge demand for qualified writers who can write original quality content for web sites and blogs. A writer can have good salaries as the writing is an inevitable skill in internet marketing.
Online Marketing Manager:
If you are expert in above skills and have sufficient experience handling the challenges you can get a senior post called Online Marketing Manger who supervise the work of other resources and makes strategies. This is a very interesting career and has high growth potential.
Each career in Digital Media Marketing is a sea in itself. Before starting any of these careers it will be wise to get consultancy and think carefully about the pros and cons and how much suitable is that career to you as a person.
Author Bio: Nauman Lodhi is Business Manager at Sorcim Technologies (Pvt) Ltd which is an IT and Digital Media Marketing Service Provider firm in Pakistan. Find more information about Sorcim here.

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