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Pass me the deodorant

By nasha george
Posted Jun 17, 2012 in Travel
Travelling which is supposedly lots of fun for most people has left many running to the airports washrooms to find a quick fix to the odor that nervousness has brought upon them.
Its very embarrassing I must say, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it (according to me) but there are surely things you can do to help stop this dreadful sweating and underarm odor.
Getting on a plane, for me, is one of the most exciting things there are. I look forward to it and unlike some people who just pack up and leave, I do it with style. Hair, nails, clothing, skin, and everything else has to be just perfect. There is no fear at all, no phobias, no bad thoughts. I enter the airport smelling like a millions bucks, smiling, and peacefully and adventurously looking around until my flight is ready.
In the midst of my galavanting, I begin to feel a coolness under my armpits, then it gets worse by the minutes. The big wet patch is now visible to all who looks at me. And must I add, this never happens to me anywhere else. It comes to a point when I begin to have that foul underarm odor so I always end up running to the bathroom to find a quick fix to the problem. Napkins, water, soap, hand dryer, anything that can help is attacked.
I have not found an answer to my problem but found out that I am not alone. That many people who have no fears of flying at all go through these embarrassing moments. I have found what works for me, maybe it will for you as well. I carry a washcloth, a soap, and a small antiperspirant deodorant (with a very valid explanation of course, we know how they are at the check-ins). The extra space this takes in my purse is an issue but it is worth it in every way.

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