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The famous "Mary Jane"

By nasha george
Posted Jun 17, 2012 in Health
I am not a smoker, tasted the demonizing fumes of marijuana once and i have no reason to try it a second time. Those who smoke it out of their free will usually suffer the harmful effects later on but then again, humans suffer from the harmful effects of almost every thing we put our hands on nowadays.
My problem is with the law governing this famous herb. I am a law abiding citizen and it would be a more peaceful world if the drug addicts and sellers stuck to the law as well, but this is not so.
We all know the organisational structure of this drug system, the big man makes all the profits while the little man hustles for next to nothing. So now we need to look at the little man's point of view since the bigger men are anonymous.
These guys are held up, taken to court, charged, jailed, receive a scared police record for selling marijuana. They get out, sell it again, get charged, rob someone or somewhere of some cash to pay the court, or go back to jail. People get charged large sums of money for just having an ounce of this herb for personal use, yet others go to the supermarkets and buy cigars and cigarettes by the bulk? Am i missing something here?
OK, smoking is bad for our health, and we know all what is wrong about it. So why are the rich people making millions producing tobacco all over the world? Alcohol which kills us slowly or faster than the marijuana does, brings in uncountable sums of profits to companies all over the world.
What is the government really preventing with these strict laws about marijuana? Is the motive to prevent bad health, or to stop the crimes associated with the sale of this drug? Wouldn't the crime and hustle on alcohol and tobacco be the same if they were illegalized? Just saying

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