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Turkish Student Protests

By Lonna Lisa Williams
Posted Jun 13, 2012 in World
I am an American English professor, published writer, and photographer who has lived and worked in Turkey for over a year. I have witnessed many amazing things. One of them is the way Turkish police are so quickly dispatched to peaceful student protests. Today on Turkish television news, I saw police shooting pepper spray at peaceful students. Freedom is in danger here in Turkey. Turkish Republic founder Mustafa Kemel Ataturk would be dismayed if he had lived to see this.
Last week two students were sentenced to 8 years in prison for holding up a sign at a rally, asking for free university tuition. That's more prison time than many rapists get. Turkey is a beautiful country that spans the continents of Europe and Asia and is a member of NATO. Tourists are welcome here. Maybe if the world put more pressure on human rights, students would be free to protest.