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New MRSA Test

By Tim Sandle
Posted Jun 12, 2012 in Science
Scientists at Edinburgh University have developed a new swab test for MRSA which delivers instant results to physicians.
At present, any analysis for this type of bacteria requires laboratory tests and these can take several hours to produce a result.
However, by increasing the sensitivity of these swabs and by using electrical sensors, the researchers have created a test which can tell doctors if the bacteria are present in a matter of minutes.
It was developed using samples from diabetic foot ulcer patients at NHS Lothian's Diabetic Foot Clinic at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh - a condition which could benefit greatly from faster tests, as if left to multiply, MRSA infection can result in the need for amputation in some cases.
Dr Till Bachman, from the University of Edinburgh's Division of Pathway Medicine, told BBC News: "By developing a rapid and cost-effective test, we would know what kind of infection is present straight away, which will improve the chance of success in treating it."
The news follows the publication of new research from University College Dublin, which highlighted how antibiotic drugs can be 'resuscitated' to tackle antibiotic-resistant infections by the accompaniment of adjuvant compounds.

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