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My Gay Brother Killed Himself Today After Being Bullied!!!

By Deno P Ellis
Posted Jun 12, 2012 in Entertainment
Does the topic for today entertains you? Does it makes you laugh with joy until your stomach aches with pain? Does it inspires you to continue this behavior as a career? Or does it make you want to shame, embarrassed and ache with regret?
Well for me, I am overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Words I shoulder said, I will never get the chance to say. Things I shoulder done with my family member, I will never get to do. Hugs I shoulder given, unfortunately, I will never get the chance to give. And love I shoulder expressed, I will never get the chance to do so. Today my heart aches with emotional pain.
Why? Because someone decided to use my brother and his feelings and wantings to be in love and free from the burden he bore, as a tool to laugh at him, tell nasty jokes about him, throw items at him, call him curses out of his name, and attack him repeatedly at school, work, and on the streets he traveled.
I loved my brother, I appreciated my brother, and my brother deserved to live a beautiful long life happy here on earth. But you, yes you, I'm talking to you bigots, you fun makers, you bullies, you false prophets, you robbers of happiness, and you soul destroyers.
Day by day, you laughed at his tendencies, while he cried out his soul. You beat down his spirit, while he let go of his courage. You cursed his body, while condemned his self esteem. You attacked his body, while he fought his feelings. You tongue-lashed him with religious speeches, and forced him to let go of God's hand. You murdered his will to live, and because of it, he killed his body, as something had to give.
Love is a beautiful thing, and though you may not like the way I live, respect me for being different, and give me my respect for being true to who I am, while I'm living. No matter who we are, gay, straight, bisexual or transgendered beings, we all deserve respect and indeed, we should all respect each other differences.
Unfortunately, I cannot bring my brother whom just happens to be gay back to life, I love and respect him for the honesty in which he lived his life. RIP to all those we lost from our LGBT family. We love you!
Please lend your support to my book and to the work of myself and all of our LGBT members. Thanks.
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