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Beware of the Black Eyed Children

By Mindy Allan
Posted Jun 12, 2012 in World
Black eyed children who only seem to come out in the late afternoon or at night, are being seen more frequently and reported sighing have come from around the world. There is usually on or two, and most of the time boys. They want people to invite them into their homes and seem to get angry when the answer is no.
David Weatherly in an interview talks about what he has discovered and has written a book on the subject "The Black Eyed Children."
Stories of these entities, whose eyes are black voids – no whites, no iris – began appearing on the Internet in 1998, and the encounters are eerily similar. What are these entities that approach calmly, quietly, and strike fear into those who encounter them? People from across the globe have reported encounters with these black-eyed people.
A video of an encounter with a black eyed child was recorded by a young couple parked in a car at night is possibly a real sighting, but cannot be validated. The video does show how these beings encounter humans.
If you encounter a black eyed child, don't let them in!

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