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Blog In Red Flag

What Nike doesn't want the world to see

By Mindy Allan
Posted Jun 5, 2012 in World
Is Nike promoting slavery? Do people who wear Nike shoes condemn workers in Nike factories to a lifetime of poverty?
Is a shoe that cost a company $5.00 to make worth wearing when it represents the continuous destruction of a country and its people?
Professional soccer player Jim Keady co-director and founder of Educating for Justice exposes what the agenda for Nike is, and the injustice to those who make them and those who wear them. The failure to inform people who wear a swoosh what it really represents is the mission of Keady and his foundation.
While Nike pays millions of dollars to college athletic programs, and sports stars, it all comes from the hands of people of Indonesia who live no better than the slaves of America before the Civil War.
In Indonesia Keady visits the home of a Nike worker and the salary that will never allow them to do anything but work for Nike.
Film producer Michael Moore visits the CEO Phil Knight of Nike to address the problems in Indonesia with two plane tickets to go visit the factories that he has never seen, and obviously doesn't care about.
Phil Knight has never seen the factories that are bringing in billions of dollars for a company he co-founded is the CEO. Moore asked Knight why his factory isn't in America where jobs are needed. He can't make the money in the U.S. and doesn't want to pay American's for what he gets for almost nothing.
Nike shoes don't seem to represent anything that is good. American's fighting over Nike shoes, people losing their lives for a product that continues to support all that is evil.
The swoosh that doesn't give but continues to take all in the name of greed. Plunging people into the depths of hell.....
What has Nike done for the people of the world besides take their money?

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